My Detailed Profile

         My Full Name :      Muralidhar Yaragalla.
                    Given Name    :      Muralidhar
                    Surname         :      Yaragalla.

  •    Total 13 years of experience on java/j2ee technologies.
  •    13 years of experience in the IT industry – involved in development, Design, implementation and testing.    

Educational Qualifications:-
  •  Graduate Diploma in Computing and I.T (Post Graduation) from University of Western Sydney, Australia.  Completed in January 2003.

  • “Best technical work” from Adastrum Technologies, Dubai.
  •  “You Earned It” from Fidelity Management and research.


OS                                                                  : Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)
Languages                                                     : C, Core Java (1.6),  J2EE,  Android Java, Sql.
Markup And Scripting                                 : HTML, CSS, JavaFX, Java Script (Ajax, WebSockets), Shell Scripting, Bootstrap (Responsive Web Design)
Frameworks                                                  : Spring4.x, Spring Security, Struts2
ORM                                                              : Hibernate
Databases                                                       : Oracle, MS Sql Server, MySql
Reporting Tools                                             : BIRT 4.3 (Business Inteligence Reporting Tool)
RAD Tools                                                     : Eclipse Kepler, PLSQLDeveloper, MySql Studio
Data Modeling Tools                                     : Toad, Database Designer, Power Architect
Application Servers                                       : Weblogic, websphear, Glassfish.
Web Servers                                                  : Tomcat
LDAP Server                                                 : ApacheDS
Content Repository Management Systems     : Raphtos, Hive.

Major clients That I worked For:- 

Company Name                                Designation Held                              Contry or City

Dubai National Airlines (Mercator)       Software Engineer                                Dubai
Mastek Ltd                                        Senior Software Engineer                      Mumbai
Fidelity                                              Consultant From Mastek                       Bangloore
Satyam Computers                             Solution Architect                                 Mumbai
BNP Paribas                                      Consultant from Satyam                        Mumbai
Kensium                                            Tech Lead                                           Hyderabad
Tata Interactive Systems                     Systems Engineer                                 Mumbai
Patni Computers                                 Project Manager                                  Chennai
Zedlabs                                               Technical Project Manager                  Guntur

My Opensource Projects:-

Project            : Lucid Lims
Project URL    :
Environment   : java1.6, swings, jdbc, eclipse(Indigo) , Mysql, Mysql workbench                                                 
Description     : This is a Lab Information Management System. This is initially developed for Lucid Laboratories,  Hyderabad. In this you can manage the lab information. First phase of this project is completed. Test Sample Register has been automated. It consists of Admin, Customer, Sample register and my profile modules. Admin can add  roles, departments, employees , view any customer details and can obtain pending registration reports from the system. In customer module any employee can add a new customer. In test sample register module they can register samples, obtain test slip and can obtain acknowledgement. In my profile module employee can view and update his profile.

Project            : IP-Messenger
Project URL    :
Environment   : java1.6
Description      : This is an IP instant messenger developed in java(version-1.6). This can be used to establish internal communication on LAN. Very good for office use. This is based on broadcasting and TCP/IP. This is a P2P application. The connection for the chat is established between two peers. This application when started identifies all the other peers that are running this application and list's down them with their IP address, host name and the user name(user name used to login to operating system). So you can identify the peers and can establish communication with them. You also can transfer files.

    Main Features:-
  •        The chat is entirely user name driven rather an IP or Host Name.
  •        All connections are secure (uses SSL). -- From 1.2.2
  •        When new messages arrive the chat window icon blinks rather than attaining focus.
  •        Fast and reliable file transfer. Drag and drop files in the user area for file transfer.
  •        Drag and drop text from other documents.
  •        When the messenger is closed it hides and stays in the system tray until you exit from the System tray or exit from menu bar. To see the messenger again double click on the System Tray Icon.
  •        Logging to a file is enabled.
  •        Internationalization. (But still we have only English language files)
  •        save chat to a text file. There is File tab on the chat window for this operation.
  •        Configuring the log file, download file and chat file directories. Use Settings on Main window for this.(Log file dir change will reflect only after restart).
  •        Very user Friendly.

Project             : javafx in action
Project URL     :
Environment    : javafx
Description       : This project is intended for the javafx learners. This demonstrates the entire key and core concepts of javafx what a developer needs to know to create high end graphics. This is how ever not to demonstrate all the features of javafx.

Projects That I have Participated When Working For companies:-

Project Title:                     Lab Information Management System
Client:                                Zedlabs
Role:                                  Technical Project Manager       
Environment:                   Struts 2.0, Eclipse Kepler, Tomcat 7.x, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript,         Mysql


This is a development project. This is to automate the process of Biochemistry Laboratory (Pathology Laboratory). From registration to accounts every process in the laboratory is automated. The project is running live. The URL is

Project            : IP-Messenger
Client             : Ginger Box
Environment   : Android OS (Smart Mobile Phones), Davik VM
Description      : This is an IP instant messenger developed in Android java This can be used to establish internal communication on LAN using WIFI. This is based on broadcasting and TCP/IP. This is a P2P application. The connection for the chat is established between two peers. This is to communicate with the desktops. This enables to transfer files and send messages from desktop to Android. 

Project Title         :  CSKIP
Client:                   :   Patni Computers
Role:                     :   Project Manager       
Environment:         :   Struts 2.0, Eclipse Galileo, glassfish, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript, Oracle10G.
Description            : 
 This is a development project. There are 2 modules in this project. One module is to manage the phone numbers for collectors. Here in this module application sends the known phone numbers to the vendors and receives the current phone numbers of the customers. The second module is admin module. This is to manage the admin and collector accounts in the applications.   

Project Title         :  INETOO
Client:                   :  Tata Interactive Systems
Designation:          :  Senior Specialist-Systems Design       
Environment:         :  Spring2.0, Eclipse Galileo, Tomcat6.x, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript, MSSql Studio,             
                                MSSQL Server.     
Description            :                
This is a development project. This is about class management. The professors of the university will create classes and manages them in this application. The students can enroll in different classes and can attend the class from any part of the world. 

Project Title       : MYPoP Project
Client:                 :  KENSIUM/ PARADIGMPPOP 
Designation:        :  Technical lead       
Environment:       :  Struts2.0, Eclipse Europa, jboss4.0, JSP, JavaScript, EJB3.0,  Navicat, Mysql.
Description          :            
This is a development project. This is all about online project management system. Here group of people can collaborate and can plan the project. This can be divided into subprojects to the granular level. Planning and management have been made easy. The URL of the project is . 

Project Title          :  IVISION
Client:                    :  SATYAM/BNPPARIBAS 
Designation:            :  Technical Lead       
Environment:          :  Custom framework, RAD6.0, Websphere6.0, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript, 
                             :  PLSQL Developer7.0, Oracle 9i, Ajax, DHTML.
Description             :                
The project is an enhancement project. Providing enhancements to IVISION developed by BNPPARIBAS France. It is a banking product operating in 25 different countries for different banks. It offers online banking services for all the bank products. 

Project Title         : Retirement Plan Manager
Client:                   :  MASTEK/ Fidelity 
Designation:           :  Technical Lead       
Environment:         :  StrutsPlus custom framework, Websphere6.0, JSP, JDBC, javaScript, 
                                Oracle 8i, spring bean container.
Description            :                
It is a migration project. RPM is one of the most important and powerful tool which lead Fidelity to stand in the first place in the US financial market. In brief it offers financial solution for retirement. In this where a series of questions about the household, household income and his other incomes will be asked by the tool to gather all the financial status of the customer and gives a Target Asset Mix which is nothing but investment plan by the Fidelity for his money. 

Project Title         : Skychain
Client:                    :  Dubai national airlines (D.A.N.A.T.A)
Environment:          :  Tapestry 3.0.3 frame work, Tomcat, JDBC, HTML, XML, JavaScript, 
                             :   Weblogic7.0
Description             :                
I have developed framework on top of Tapestry, which is named as “Jfoundation.web”. Responsible for establishing technical foundation. This product won best technical product award in the Airline Industry.

Personal Details:-

Languages known                               :            English
Countries worked                               :            Australia, Dubai and India.